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hello guys, my name is George Davis, I live in Orlando Florida and I work as a manager in one of Orlando’s biggest restaurants, I won’t specify the name of the restaurant because that is not important for the story that I want to tell you, I’m not a big fan of travelling, sure I love to travel from time to time, but most of the vacations I spend relaxing with my family, playing video games like Run 3 Unblocked and going out to the beach, as for travelling long distances, I do it very rarely, I’m not even talking about leaving the U.S.A. I have been abroad maybe one or two times in my life, and the second trip that I had far from America, is the one that I want to write about. My sister Jena got married 2 years ago, and her husband is a really nice guy, they have two kids already and a loving relationship, but the reason why I started talking about my sister is that her husband is Georgian, Dato came to Florida 10 years ago to study engineering in the university of Florida and after he graduated he decided to continue his career here. Dato started working for the same engineering company that my sister was working for, so that is how they met and started dating and eventually decided to get married.

One year ago Dato and Jena decided to travel to Georgia for the summer, because Dato wanted to introduce Jena to his parents because they hadn’t been on the wedding and didn’t know Jena personally. That’s when Dato asked me to go with them, he said that I would have a great journey, see the beauty of his country and he will do his best to show the rich culture that was a big part of his country. At first I was skeptical about the fact that I would be thrown out of my comfort zone and miss the chance to spend my vacation home, but then I changed my mind because my sister and Dato wanted me to go very much and besides I was interested in the country, it was maybe because of the fact that Dato often remembered his country and told me stories about how he grew up in Tbilisi and how different it was compared to my country, I wanted to try something new and that was the chance for me so I agreed.

Dato and Jena planned to go to Georgia in early July and return by the end of August, but things were a little different for me, I could only take vacation in August for one month and I decided to travel to Georgia by the start of August and catch up with them. When my sister Jena arrived in Georgia, she was very happy, not only by the fact that she met Dato’s parents and they really liked each other, but by the fact that Georgia was beautiful, she was talking to me on the phone and said that she was very fortunate that her kids would have such a good place to spend the time whenever they wanted to. So the August had come and I finally flew to Georgia to start my vacation, Dato met me in Tbilisi airport and brought me to his house in Tbilisi, where he was born and raised. I met his parents and was very impressed, they not only knew English fluently, which is very rare for the Georgian people of that age, but were very kind and intelligent people, They were both working in the Tbilisi State University.

The other day Dato told me that he would take me to the place where his father comes from and where they had a small house, it was a village in the mountains of Georgia Called Khevsureti, when I arrived in Khevsureti I immediately guessed why my sister Jena was so happy, when she called me, it was a gorgeous place in the mountains of Georgia, the air was clean and the nature was astonishing, even I wouldn’t have minded staying here for a few weeks every year, to get away from the noise of the city, the smog and the stress that was harming everybody around. We stayed there for couple days and I can easily say that I have not felt that rested for years, the virgin nature and astonishing views gave me so much energy that I would have to rest for weeks at my home to regain such amount.

My story about the journey to Georgia doesn’t end here, next I will tell you about how I travelled to the sea side of Georgia, got to know and see some of the most significant cultural facts and places and how I discovered a very good singer Bera, who was born in Georgia and is currently based in New York.